New track up

2009-09-30 22:35:13 by Paroxym

Im AMazing

Expect more to come!!!!

WHats good NG?

2008-09-04 00:06:29 by Paroxym

Thanks to all the fans that enjoy my tracks!! I feel good with all the reviews youve left me in the last two years ive been here. Im upgrading my studio with new Speakers, Keyboard, Mac etc. Ive been working real hard to get the money to do it now I can!!! In the next few months you will hear the quality of my tracks go up to a whole new level. But until then enjoy my tracks on here. Also Check my Myspace at It has my Hip hop music on there. Working with Frank White and Meloetry. EZ

Whats good NG!?

2008-01-05 22:47:36 by Paroxym

I'm down If anyone wants to collab. Just Pm me or leave a comment below. Peace


2007-09-24 13:05:53 by Paroxym

Whats up?